6 Must-Pack Holiday Pieces

6 Must-Pack Holiday Pieces

Perfect for visiting the family for the weekend or packing your suitcase to go on a cruise or overseas.

1. The Day Dress

Holly Abstract Dress

Everly Dress

Xyla Blossom Dress

2. The Dinner Dress

Viola Layering Dress

Danilla Floral Dress

Larkspur Holiday Dress


3. The All-Rounder Pants

Pyrmont Dress

Boola Layered Pants


4. The Cocktail Dress

Logan Floral Ruffle Dress

Lysander Wrap Dress

Keeva Blossom Dress


5. The Maxi Dress

Vanille Pink Rose Maxi

Abik Blue Maxi

Neeja Creative Dress


6. The Fashion Kimono

Evanstown Resort Kimono

Brighton Pink Lace Kaftan

Cairo Creative Kaftan

Bittern Kaftan