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Shawl Glamour

Posted on June 28 2018

Shawl Glamour

Need an extra layer for the cooler season? A stylish shawl is the answer!

So versatile, these styles can be thrown on over any outfit. Perfect to wear to your next event, out to dinner, or even to add some glamour to your everyday wardrobe. 

Cover image: Uzziah Teal Off Shoulder Dress > + Xiamo Grey Shawl >

Below are some more shawl looks to inspire you. 

Cealan Off The Shoulder Dress >

Xissi Ivory Shawl >




Jodi Navy Shawl >




Giada Japanese Bloom Dress >

Jodi Dusty Pink Shawl >





Ulyama Ocean Breeze Layered Dress >

Xiamo Ivory Shawl >




Ulla Pink Blossom Dress + Xiamo Red Shawl




Umber Bohemian Print Knit Dress >

Xissi Ivory White Shawl >




Zurich Baroque Print Dress >

Xiamo Golden Beige Shawl >




Rhia Abstract Print Contour Dress >

Jodi Super Soft Pink Shawl >





Brook Silver Foil Polka Dot Dress >

Xiamo Red Shawl >




Melissa Pop Print Layered Dress >

Jodi Navy Shawl >




Yaashov Velvet Lace Wrap Dress >

Xiamo Grey Shawl >




Opra Creative Party Dress >

Jodi Black Shawl >




Tonya Black Floral Jumpsuit >

Xuki Black Shawl >


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