The Cold Shoulder Look

The Cold Shoulder Look

Update your wardrobe with the on trend cold shoulder sleeve. Perfect for showing a little bit of skin whilst still being elegant. This cold shoulder looks great on dresses and tops, and will instantly add sophistication to any outfit.

Perfect to wear to work, going out for dinner, or to your next formal event. Pair dresses with strappy heels to dress up for dinner, or team tops with tailored pants for a professional outfit. 

Cover image: Olesya Embellished Cold Shoulder Dress >

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Riolett Cold Shoulder Party Dress +Belt >




Left : Quimby Layered Spring Floral Print Dress >

Right : Venetia Layered Abstract Geometric Print Dress >




Lainey Asymmetric Frill Contour Race Dress >




Willow Floral Bloom Tunic Top >




Wilhelma Cold Shoulder Top >




Xilia Bloom Evening Dress >




Gwen Lace Evening Dress >



Qualene Romantic Embellished Kaftan >



Nagle Layered Cold Shoulder Dress >



Natasha Earthy Floral Tunic Top >



Ilena Black Cold Shoulder Dress >



Obina Floral Bloom Tunic Top >



Hanover Midnight Bloom Party Dress



Glynis Peacock Cold Shoulder Dress >



 Clarissa Embellished Kaftan >