Timeless Black 🖤

Timeless Black 🖤

One of fashion's favourite shades, black has defied the test of time. This timeless shade is loved for its classy, sophisticated look that flatters the body and exudes confidence. We'll show you how to style your black pieces with the do's and don'ts!



Black is the perfect shade for smart casual styles as it's easy to dress it up or down to suit the occasion. See some of our smart casual picks below.


Tip: Add some jewellery or bling near your face to lift the black shadows and brighten the face & neck areas.


Do: Add interesting necklines to lift the black and add a touch of uniqueness.

Do: Add your favourite coloured accessories to add some fun to your outfit!

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Beading, especially silver, teams perfectly with black to help lift the shade and transform it into a formal evening style.

Blush and red shades are popular pairings with black to add femininity for those who prefer lighter shades. Accessories or match your makeup with these undertones!

Printed Blacks allow you to show some creativity and self-expression! Keep the accessories neutral when pairing with a print.